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    Information on the Coronavirus

    New guidance for booster vaccinations In response to concerns about the new Omicron variant, the JCVI has recommended that booster vaccinations should be offered to all adults and that the gap between the second dose and booster is reduced to a minimum of 3 months.
    People who are severely immunosuppressed and have had their 3rd dose will also be offered a booster, a minimum of 3 months after their third dose.
    These recommendations will come into effect from 13 December. As before, people will be prioritised according to age and risk, and the NHS will contact you when it is your turn for your booster.
    Unfortunately we are not able to offer boosters to people under 40 due to the need to maintain other vital primary care services.
    However, there are a number of local vaccination services available which you will be able to choose from using the NHS National Booking Service.
    If you are aged 40 or over or in an at risk group and had your second dose 6 months ago, you can book your booster now at
    www.nhs.uk/covidvaccine or by calling 119.
    Otherwise, please wait to be contacted

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Opt Out of Data Sharing Information

Opt Out of Data Sharing Information

There has recently been a lot of discussion about patient data being shared outside the NHS. We would like to reassure patients that no identifiable data will leave their GP practices.

NHS Digital has consulted with patient and privacy groups, clinicians, and technology experts, as well as with the British Medical Association (BMA), Royal College of GPs (RCGP), the National Data Guardian (NDG) and multiple other organisations and communities across the health and care system.

Any data which directly identifies an individual will be pseudonymised and then encrypted before it leaves a GP practice. Data will only be shared with organisations who have a legal basis and meet strict criteria to use it for local, regional and national planning, policy development, commissioning, public health and research purposes.

If a patient does not want identifiable data to be shared outside their GP Practice except for their own care they can opt out at any time, by requesting that their GP practice record this preference, known as a Type 1 opt out form: https://nhs-prod.global.ssl.fastly.net/binaries/content/assets/website-assets/data-and-information/data-collections/general-practice-data-for-planning-and-research/type-1-opt-out-form.docx, or by registering their opt-out through the National Data Opt Out service on nhs.uk, or both.

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